We were with him all the way
N. a middle-aged man was experiencing pain for a while, he had a few tests which his GP had sent him to but they could not see anything, calmness was restored assuming all was ok. After a few weeks N. returned his GP still not feeling himself, his GP showed him the results of the tests it clearly looked all
Financial Support
We received a call from Mark who was suffering from pain in his glands. After many painful weeks and sleepless nights, with visits to numerous doctors and a dentist who sent him for imaging to the hospital, his diagnosis of cancer in his salivary glands was confirmed. Since he was situated in a hospital that doesn’t specialise in cancer, his
Case management/Patient companionship
Recently, a young man contacted us regarding his wife who was experiencing excessive bleeding. After being seen by the GP, his wife was scheduled for an appointment for an ultrasound in the Homerton hospital for 4 weeks later. Being that the GP confirmed that there was something there in the liver they were very uncomfortable waiting that long and decided
Family support
Sara was just 9 years old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia Her parents suddenly found themselves plunged into a world of unfamiliar medical jargon with no one to help them through it. However luckily for them, a family member mentioned the magic words “Acheinu Cancer Support,” and the moment they contacted us we worked to alleviate some of the
Emotional support

David aged 45 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019. “ACS Cancer Support was the first place I turned to” says David. “They are there for me on a constant basis, providing me with emotional and physical support. They are also there for my wife and children who benefit from family retreats and support groups to help them through this