Break-Away five day trips
Aceinu Cancer Support will arrange five day trips over the year, for children aged 8-16 years, who have cancer or who have a family member or parent with cancer.  “Break Away” will give these children something to look forward to during the most difficult of times. The trips will be to exciting places such as Legoland, London zoo, Sealife, Diggerland and
Break Away – BBC
Thank you to the BBC Children in Need for a three-year grant for  “Break Away”, a project of 5 trips a year for children facing cancer.
Advice Worker Grant
Thank you to the community grant that was received for an advice worker to help people access grants for hardships and grants for well-fare benefits.
Art Therapy Sessions
Thank you to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for partly sponsoring Art therapy sessions for women with breast cancer. This was highly beneficial for these ladies, it provided them with much needed emotional support and companionship, helping them feel less alone in their struggle. The feedback was very positive and the woman said these sessions made a big impact on them.
Free Therapy Sessions
We are now offering free therapy sessions to children and families effected by cancer, to cope with the additional emotional stress of Covid-19 and isolation. Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund
Free Therapy
We are now offering Free Therapy, which is sponsored by: National Lottery/Government, Waddilove & London Community Foundation.
Grant Application Support
We are now offering support with grant applications and benefit advice through an advice worker sponsored by City Bridge Trust. 
Toy library
Acheinu Cancer Support has launched a new toy library! Young cancer patients and their siblings are enjoying a variety of toys, games, interactive computers, DVD’s and more, especially now during the lockdown. Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund